Termination Application Form

What is a Termination Benefit?

A termination benefit is:

  • An unreduced deferred pension starting at age 65 equal to the pension you earned to the date of termination, or
  • A reduced pension starting between ages 55 and 65, subject to the applicable early retirement reduction, or
  • A transfer of the lump sum value of the pension you earned out of the Plan.

When am I eligible for a termination benefit?

You are eligible to apply for a termination benefit if you:

  • Are under age 55; and
  • Have not accrued a total of 350 Hours of Covered Employment in the previous 2 Plan Years

Your Application for Termination Benefit is eligible on the first day of the month following the date that the Plan Office receives an Application for Termination Benefit.

You must submit an Application for the Termination benefit, found below, to the Plan Office.

Termination Application Form