Weekly Disability

The Weekly Disability benefit helps protect you and your family by providing a weekly payment of $550 (less applicable taxes) for up to 26 weeks if you are unable to work as a result of illness or a non work related injury.

***Please ensure you contact the Plan Office prior to completion of the forms.  Failure to do so may result in the possible denial of your claim***


You are eligible to apply for Weekly Disability Benefits if you are eligible for Health & Wellness benefits at the time the disability occurs, are under the immediate and personal care in Canada of a physician and you are not retired (i.e. not receiving a retirement pension). If you elect to receive a retirement pension while you are receiving disability benefits, your eligibility for the Weekly Disability Benefit will cease. All forms required (Members Statement,Disclosure Consent, Physicians Statement) must be fully completed before your claim can be assessed.

If a member is not eligible at the time a disability occurs, the Plan will not payout any benefits in respect of the disability. A member’s eligibility must be maintained to continue to receive Weekly Disability Benefits which may require self-payments for up to 6 months. You will be notified when the self-payment option applies to you.If you have already received the maximum 26 weeks of disability payments within a 24 month period for an illness claim, you are not eligible to receive weekly disability payments again during the same 24 month period.

Applying for Weekly Disability Benefits

The Weekly Disability benefit claim submission package is available in pdf format below.  All forms must be fully completed.  The subrogation information states that you will repay any amounts you receive from the Plan that you subsequently recover from a third party.  You and your qualified physician must complete these forms and submit them to the Plan Office before your disability claim can be processed.

You must submit your claim promptly.  If the Plan Office does not receive your claim within 15 days of the illness or injury, you will not be eligible for benefits until after you have received the maximum benefits payable from Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits.

Weekly Disability Benefit Claim Package 

The following link will take you to the Canada Revenue Agency website, which contains both Federal and Provincial TD1 Forms needed as part of your Weekly Disability benefit claim submission package.

TD1 Forms (external link to Canada Revenue Agency website)