Setup for New Employers

For Employers:

Please find below, a general information sheet regarding remittances.  Please refer to it for instructions on submitting your remittances to the Alberta Carpenters and Allied Workers (ACAW) Trust Funds.

General Information for New Employers

Some key points regarding remittances

  • We have moved to an electronic remittance form.  All that is required for our electronic remittance is Excel and access to the internet.  Please contact our office to have a workable copy of the remittance forms emailed to you.
  • A sample of the Electronic Layout Format will explain what information is required in each cell.
  • Remittances are due by the 15th of the month following the month when the hours are worked.  Late remittances can cause employees to lose benefit, so please ensure remittances are made on time.
  • Monthly Union Dues are not part of the remittance made to the ACAW Trust Funds (working or regional dues are).  Please ensure that Union Dues are remitted to the appropriate Union office.
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to report Pension contributions and working dues remittances on the annual T4 Statements.
  • Even if you have no hours to report for a month, we still require that you send us an electronic remittance form stating “No hours”.
  • We accept Electronic Funds Transfer.  Please contact our office to set this up.
  • Rates will change periodically.  Please ensure that you have updated your remittance forms.  Refer to the Employer Remittance Rates page or the most recent collective agreement for the current rates.

General Layout of Electronic Format